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A new heart in Jericho


Time to work together

Jericho Wharf gets planning permission

Posted April 26 2016

The Jericho Wharf project has taken a major step forward. The City Council has now granted SIAHAF planning permission for its development. Before it can start construction, however, SIAHAF has to reach agreements with three key bodies. One is the Canal and River Trust with which it needs to settle a number of canal and land issues. The second is St Barnabas Parochial Church Council, since the public square relies partly on using Church land, and the development also includes work on the vicarage.

The third party is the Jericho Wharf Trust (JWT) which the City anticipates will own and run the boatyard and other community facilities. For this purpose, the City requires SIAHAF to arrive at a ‘transfer agreement’ which specifies the terms for handing over the buildings and land to the JWT. The City also has to approve this agreement and ensure it is on fair and reasonable…